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InSpace Balloon For Massive Cuff Tear

Some rotator cuff tears (see the link on rotator cuff tears for basic information) cannot be repaired. The most common reasons for this include the size of the tear and poor tendon/bone quality. Numerous surgical options exist for patients who have persistent symptoms.

A useful treatment option is the InSpace Balloon. The main advantages of the balloon procedure are that it is very quick to perform (about 15 minutes) through keyhole surgery. This means that the risks of the procedure are very low compared to major open procedures, such as a shoulder replacement.

The main concept behind the balloon procedure is to reduce the pain associated with a rotator cuff tear. This can allow patients to subsequently participate in formal physiotherapy to strengthen the muscles, improve shoulder function and potentially eliminate or defer the need for more extensive shoulder surgery.

The video below demonstrates that a balloon made out of biodegradable polymer is positioned in the subacromial space under a general or regional anaesthetic. Once positioned, the balloon is inflated with saline solution to allow smooth and frictionless gliding. Rehabilitation instructions are available by clicking the link under the video