Knee Conditions & Treatment

Professor Saithna is an advocate of knee joint preservation surgery. He exclusively sees and treats young patients with sports injuries and middle aged active people who wish to avoid joint replacement surgery. If you believe that you have an arthritic knee that may need joint replacement surgery please ask your GP to consider referring you to a knee arthroplasty (joint replacement) surgeon. 

The following carefully selected links provide information about the common knee conditions that Mr Saithna treats and are intended to provide a background of information to help you understand your condition and treatment as clearly as possible. These links provide general information only and may not specifically apply to your case. It is therefore important to write down any questions you have and bring them with you to your appointment. 

Common Knee Conditions Seen and Treated by Mr Saithna

(Links with further information are highlighted in orange where available)

ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) Rupture

ACL Reconstruction

Revision ACL Reconstruction

PCL (Posterior Cruciate Ligament) Rupture

PCL Reconstruction

PLC (Posterolateral corner) Injury

PLC Reconstruction

Collateral Ligament Injuries

Chondral (Cartilage) Injuries

Patella (Kneecap) Dislocation

Stiffness (Arthrofibrosis)

Meniscal Tear

Meniscal Repair

Anterior Knee Pain

Fat Pad Impingement


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