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​​Shoulder​: Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery

When a rotator cuff tendon tears, it can no longer function properly and this often results in pain and weakness. 

Professor Saithna performs repair of the torn rotator cuff tendon through keyhole (arthroscopic) surgery and does not need to make a big open incision. A camera is inserted into the shoulder to allow the tendons to be seen. Fluid (saline) is passed into the shoulder to allow him to look at the structures within it. Very small implants known as anchors are then fixed into the bone and sutures (stitches) from them are used to repair the torn tendon back into the bone. 

The main reason to undergo this type of surgery is pain relief. If you have a cuff tear, you will know that it is very painful and can affect simple day-to-day activities such as getting dressed, putting something on an overhead shelf and sports participation. Repairing the tendon can also increase strength and active range of movement of the shoulder joint. Most patients find that there are fewer functional limitations and that they can do more with their arm once they have recovered from surgery.

​This video shows one way in which keyhole surgery to repair a rotator cuff can be performed