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    Comments: If you want an honest opinion about any doctor, ask a nurse. In a surgeon’s case, ask a surgical nurse. We are in the know and often brutally honest. So I am a surgical nurse and here goes. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Saithna. He has an exceptional bedside manner. Polite, patient, willing to answer any questions and you never feel rushed in his office. As for surgical skills they are top notch. He’s meticulous, talented, skilled and a pleasure to work with. I could go on but I think I will sum up with this. There are not many people more important in my life than my family and my children. I felt beyond comfortable with my daughter in his capable hands. I never had a doubt with him at the lead. And my teenager pretty much thinks he’s a total rock star and wants to be like him when she grows up. She actually made in back from surgery to not only play but make varsity. Thank you for all you do to keep my accident prone child able to keep doing what makes her happy.
  • Stridewell Neck and Spine Clinic
  • Arthroscopy Association of North America
  • The International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery and Orthopaedic Sports Medicine
  • British Orthopaedic Sports Trauma & Arthroscopy Association
  • British Elbow and Shoulder Society