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    Very Good

    Comments: I am so fortunate that Dr. Adnan Saithna was available on an emergency basis at St. Luke's South to repair my broken wrist (6 screws and metal plate) and broken hip (partial hip replacement). Several of my family members are professionals in the health field and were very impressed at how efficiently and well Dr. Saithna accomplished both surgeries. A daughter commented that my hip surgery was much better than a similar one she had recently dealt with as a physical therapist.

    I'm now two months beyond the surgeries and have progressed to walk, sometimes without a cane, to church, stores, and on the beach hunting sea shells. I've been practicing putting and chipping and have been told I should be able to return to the game of golf within another two months. At the age of almost 81, that is an unbelievable blessing, considering that my injuries in the past typically would have meant becoming an invalid.

    I highly recommend Dr. Saithna as a stellar and preeminent surgeon, based both on my experience and his unusually strong and acclaimed reputation among other physicians and readers of his many professional papers, both in England and the US.

    Moreover I have enjoyed our post-surgery discussions as Dr. Saithna is pleasant, concerned, knowledgeable, smiles frequently, and has a great cultured English accident to listen to. At the top of his medical game, he is barely over 40 years old!
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