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    Comments: I cannot begin to express how thankful I am that I found Dr. Adnan Saithna and his amazing team. Dr. Saithna is a wonderfully skilled orthopedic surgeon and he has a fantastic bedside manner as well. On Feb. 7th, 2022, I underwent shoulder surgery with an OrthoArizona surgeon and part of that surgery involved doing a bicep tenodesis, where the bicep tendon is cut and reattached to the upper humerus. In part because of the physical therapist that I worked with was overly aggressive in my rehab, the reattached tendon popped out 10 weeks later. My original surgeon did not want to do a revision surgery, saying "it was not in my best interest". I did extensive research and discovered there was a viable revision procedure available (called a subpectoral bicep tenodesis) where the tendon is reattached at different location in the upper humerus. I called Dr. Saithna's office to inquire if he performed this specific procedure. Kelsey answered the phone and told me Dr. Saithna was currently not in the office but she would send him an email to confirm that he performed this procedure. Kelsey called me back within 2 hours to confirm he did perform this procedure and she scheduled my appointment for the following Wednesday. Prior to my appointment with Dr. Saithna, I reached out to him via Twitter and he took the time to return my message and provide me more information regarding the procedure. On May 9th, Dr Saithna performed the procedure to reattach my bicep tendon and the surgery was extremely successful. It has been 5 weeks since my surgery and the shape and the contour of my bicep looks great, my pain level is at a minimum and my shoulder range of motion continues to improve. Dr. Saithna prescribed a very detailed physical therapy program for my bicep/shoulder and also recommended a new physical therapist at Athletico.
    After my surgery, Dr. Saithna visited with me in the post-op recovery room to explain how the surgery went (most doctors these days do not visit their patients in the post-op recovery room), and he also called me later on the same day of my surgery to see how I was feeling. He also prescribed a fantastic, 3 level approach to my pain medication to manage any post operative pain, and he wanted to minimize the use of narcotic pain meds, which can be addicting.
    I cannot recommend Dr. Saithna and his staff enough! Dr. Saithna has fantastic skills as a surgeon and he has a very kind and caring demeanor about him. He takes the time to explain what he is going to do, including any related risks, and he takes the time to patiently answer all of your questions. His staff is equally amazing and I cannot thank both Kelsey and Ashley for always taking the time to always answer my questions and for always being so kind. If you are looking for a sports orthopedic surgeon, look no further!
    Sept. 20th, 2022 - Update to Review - This week has been 19 weeks since Dr. Saithna performed my bicep tenodesis revision surgery (May 9th, 2022). I am absolutely thrilled with how my bicep surgery has turned out. My right bicep looks just as normal as my left bicep and I have been progressing nicely with my strength training. I have also returned to teaching Group Fitness classes at my gym. Dr. Saithna not only did a fantastic job with my surgery, but he was very engaged with me throughout my entire post surgery rehabilitation process. He recommended a great physical therapist and he was in constant communication with the therapist and also took the time to answer any questions that I had (Dr. Saithna was gracious enough to share his cell phone number with me). Again, I cannot express enough how grateful I am for Dr. Saithna and he was wonderful staff. He is a very skilled and talented surgeon, and is also a very caring person.
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